ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel: Superior Performance for Today’s Marine Engines

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Modern low- and ultra-low sulfur fuels do a great job at reducing soot and emissions from combustion, but that improved environmental performance comes at a price.

Today’s diesel fuels destabilize quickly, offer poor lubricity, contain higher levels of moisture and are more susceptible to bacterial growth and filter plugging than yesterday’s higher sulfur diesel – and because sulfur is a lubricant, its absence can also contribute to premature injector and fuel pump wear.

As you might imagine, these problems are even more prevalent in a marine environment – which is why ValvTect created its line of Marine Premium Diesel.

Specially formulated for marine diesel engines – and to prevent problems caused by the reduction of sulfur content – ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel contains BioGuard™ biocide, plus a lubricity improver, water dispersant, corrosion inhibitor and fuel stabilizer. It requires no additional fuel additives to protect your engine, eliminating any risk of improper additive use while also saving time and money for you.

ValvTect Marine Diesel vs. Commercial Diesel

ValvTect Marine Diesel with BioGuard™ protects your marine engine with these additional features and benefits:

Features & Benefits ValvTect Commercial
Contains BioGuard™ biocide Yes No
Helps prevent diesel fuel problems Yes No
Meets DW10 & XUD9 performance specifications Yes No
Free of bacteria & other contaminants Yes No
Stabilized for 2+ years Yes No
Contains Corrosion Guard technology Yes No
Contains extra moisture dispersant Yes No
Prevents sludge & fuel injector deposits Yes No
Contains VT-101™ lubricity improver Yes No
Reduces smoke and transom soot Yes No
Improves power, performance, & fuel economy Yes No
Extends fuel filter life Yes No

Globe Petroleum is a certified, branded ValvTect marine-fuel distributor based in Red Bank, NJ, offering both diesel and premium gasoline for your boat or shipping business. Contact us today to learn more, or to become a Globe Petroleum customer.