Automatic Delivery

The Benefits of Automatic Deliveries

With easy sign-up and reliable monitoring of your fuel usage, there’s really no reason not to opt in to automatic deliveries now! Our state-of-the-art monitoring system tracks your fuel usage so we can schedule a home heating-oil delivery when you need it—not too early and not too late!

Sign up for automatic delivery of your home heating oil

home heating oil deliveryOur computerized system monitors your fuel usage and tracks outdoor temperatures, which of course have a big effect on how much fuel you will use. This way, we know just when to schedule your deliveries to ensure that you always have oil when you need it. When you sign up for automatic deliveries, you have our guarantee that there’s very little chance you’ll run out of fuel!

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What to count on with automatic deliveries

You WILL enjoy a worry-free fuel supply.


  • need to check your tank’s fuel level
  • have to worry about running out of oil
  • need to call for deliveries

Setting up automatic deliveries for new customers

If you’re new to Globe Petroleum, just share a few previous delivery statements with us so we can estimate your usage to get started.

Why is this service FREE?

Automatic deliveries drastically reduce the number of emergency heating-oil deliveries we have to make. This helps us avoid last-minute changes to our delivery schedules, which are planned in advance, with great care. (It also spares a driver from having to come out—possibly after hours—to make a delivery.)

Changes in your heating needs

Sometimes, heating requirements need to be adjusted. There might be a new baby and you’re keeping your home toastier than usual. Or perhaps you’re remodeling and your home is about to get bigger. These kinds of changes lead to a shift in your fuel usage, and it’s important for us to know about them. Contact us with your updates to keep us in the loop!

Sign up now!

Call or email us to sign up for automatic deliveries!

Also at your service: emergency, will-call, and same-day deliveries

If you would like to manage when and how much fuel you purchase, our will-call service is your other option. Here’s what you need to know about will-call delivery service:

  • You are responsible for monitoring your tank and for calling Globe Petroleum to schedule your delivery.
  • Requests for delivery must be made three business days in advance.
  • We need to hear from you once your tank is at the one-quarter-full mark.
  • A delivery fee based on the number of gallons delivered will apply.
  • Emergency delivery service is available.


Make life even easier with our payment options

To supplement the convenience of automatic deliveries, we encourage you to enroll in one of our customer-friendly payment options now. Want to pay by credit card? We accept any of the following:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • E.F.T. Electronic Funds Transfer

Contact Globe Petroleum today to learn more and to discuss all of your home-heating-oil needs.