Prevent Breakdowns and Downtime With Commercial Lubricants From Globe Petroleum

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If you’re experiencing frequent breakdowns and worn parts that bring your production lines to a grinding halt (sometimes literally), there’s a good chance you’re having an issue with the commercial lubricants you’re using.

The good news is by picking the proper, high quality lubricant for the job(s) at hand, you’ll reverse that breakdown trend and keep things running smoothly in your New Jersey commercial operations.

Here are seven important benefits of proper lubrication for your NJ fleet vehicles and commercial machinery:

  1. Minimizes friction – The primary reason to use commercial lubricants is to stop friction damage between moving parts. The better the quality of the lubricant, the more of a barrier is created between moving parts. Regular re-lubrication is also vital to keeping your machines working at peak performance.
  2. Slows wear and tear – Lubricated machine parts are less prone to wear and tear, including the terrible grinding of metal-on-metal that wears down those moving parts in no time at all. Lubricants also act as a barrier to rust and other kinds of corrosion.
  3. Reduces downtime – When your production lines go down, so are your profits. Downtime from poorly lubricated machines can cost far more time and money than proper upkeep and lubricant application.
  4. Extends your equipment life – Lubricating your commercial machines will help them last longer and go longer between maintenance visits.
  5. Saves you money – Worn replacement parts cost more than lubricants, and downtime on your production line costs more than anything! By giving your machines the shield of a good lubricant, you’re minimizing repairs, reducing the need for replacement parts, and keeping the ine moving.
  6. Reduces heat and heat damage – Metal on metal contact creates skyrocketing temperatures inside your machine, which can lead to overheating and machine breakdowns – not to mention creating safety issues for your employees.
  7. Cuts down contamination – Bits of metal and other contaminants are not something you want in your food products or other production line goods. Lubricants capture and block dust, grime, and other problem debris.

Lubrication: A key to commercial machinery health

As you can see, poor lubrication can cost your business much more than you realize, so be sure to choose good grease and use it often – your machines will thank you for it!

Prevent unnecessary equipment wear and tear and production downtime with commercial lubricants in NJ from Globe Petroleum. We offer automotive oils, heavy-duty engine oils, environmentally friendly food-grade lubricants and industrial lubricants from top brands like Total, Mystik Lubricants, Clarion Lubricants, Citgo, Shell, and more.

Contact us today to find out about our own high-end lubricant products that will keep your machines humming along all year long!