Environmentally Friendly Lubricants: Three Terms You Should Know

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Biodegradable. Non-toxic. Renewable. Plant-based.

Terms like these are critical to people who sell, manufacture, and use commercial lubricants…especially when those lubricants are used in environmentally sensitive industries and applications such as agriculture, forestry, municipalities, mining, and marine environments.

The terms can also be misleading if you don’t understand them correctly.

Here are three of the most common terms you’ll hear in discussions about environmentally friendly lubricants, and what they actually mean:

As you can see, these three simple terms carry a lot of meaning that have significant implications to a sensitive environment – which is why you need a commercial lubricant expert to help you source the right product for your needs.

Globe Petroleum features Clarion Environmental Lubricants

Globe Petroleum features the full line of industry-leading Clarion Green Lubricants – products that offer premium lubrication performance for industries operating in environmentally sensitive areas such as open water, inland waterways, ports, watersheds, and other locations.

Clarion Green Lubricants can be safely used in a range of industries and applications, including:

To learn more about the Clarion Green Lubricants we feature, check out this page – or check out descriptions for each product on the Clarion Lubricants website.

Globe Petroleum’s team of pros is ready to book your next order for environmentally friendly lubricants, so contact us today. Our experts will guide you to the right products and take the guesswork out of your commercial lubricant search!